The CIT is the youngest faculty at the UAE University. It opened its doors in 2001 and graduated the first batch of students in 2005. The CIT is now home to over 800 students.  It is staffed with an excellent faculty with PhD degrees from some of the top universities in the world. The CIT provides a truly unique educational experience in information technology and related areas of computing. With 34 Ph.D. faculty members and 8 instructors, the CIT is able to offer a diverse curiculum with significant breadth. The CIT is housed in a spectacular 300,000 square feet facility, providing the latest in immersive learning technologies.

Graduates of the CIT are employed in government and industry positions serving the IT needs of the nation and participating in the advancement of information technology worldwide. The CIT students have won numerous national and regional competitions and have received commendations from leaders of the IT industry worldwide. Many of the students are involved in undergraduate scientific research, and have published articles in major research publication conferences and journals. 



CIT Channel


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